Singapore in 24 hours: the city, people & culture

From the minute you step off the plane you are welcome by a people who know how to host tourists. They are warm, friendly, speak good English and are surprisingly honest. I say that because last time I was in Asia I was in Thailand and I felt everyone was on a personal mission to rip me off.

Every Taxi driver took us directly to our destination (I checked using google maps in driving mode) and charged fairly. Some rides were less than $5. Thanks guys. We really appreciated it

Don’t expect too many bargains shopper-holic’s; prices are very comparable to NZ. Many were higher. Shopping for a pair of Nike running shoes was a real mission. But with a little help from the locals, I did very well (they know where to go).

The love of materialism however was very evident. It has an iron grip on the place. Empty and parched souls who were created to worship and love Jesus fixated on glitter, gadgets and gold.

O Singaporeans, if only you knew. I would have liked to spend more time with you, not from behind a shopping counter, but in your back yards and kitchens. I suspect beneath that smiling exterior of yours there are some hurting hearts, looking for real answers and meaning to a not-so-happy life.

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