Bethany Church, Balti – Moldova

Bethany church stands as a monument to the effectiveness of a strong, healthy gospel-centered church in any part of the world. 20 years ago, after communism fell, a small group of believers gathered in this city to pray that Jesus would build his church in Balti. And he answered. A team of faithful and capable men in the UK found them and then offered to help them. And a partnership was formed that would span two decades.

This is where the first Missionary School in Moldova was started. Since its beginning 270 students have been trained; 37 pastors and 50 deacons. They are serving in newly planted churches all across the nation.

Today I had the privilege to celebrate their 20th anniversary within these walls. There was great singing, great fellowship, and an even greater amount of gratitude to God for all the things he has done.

The LORD has done great things for them. The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad. (Ps. 126:2-3)

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