Meet Dimitri at Smolensk Central Baptist. He is 86 years old.  He came and greeted me after the service.  He wanted to tell me how wonderful it is that God, by his grace, rescued his soul years ago.

He really does have an astounding story.  During the German occupation of Smolensk he was hunted by the Nazi’s and nearly shot three times.  He knows that if he was killed, he would not be with God as he had not repented.  Then by some strange set of circumstances, he found himself on the same plane as Joseph Stalin.  He even dined at his table with Stalins chief henchmen.  Dimitri leaned in close to my ear and said,

“I thought at this moment I had made it to the top.  I was amidst the most elite in society.  But later I realized they weren’t elite.  They were all dirt.”

Soon after that he repented and began following Christ.  He has never looked back. He showed me a picture of his family – all his children and grandchildren.  “I am the most blessed man on earth” he said.

Yes Dimitri, you are.

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