Orthodox Church of St Micael the Archangel

As soon as I entered in I was immediately stunned by the immensity of the sight – the incredible architecture and beautifully crafted sculptures and paintings.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  But this soon gave way to what was taking place before me.


A priest chants in loud groans.  A woman kisses a gold column. Over in the corner, a man scribbles down prayers on a piece of paper. People standing.  Women’s heads covered.  Faces without expression, and sadly, without hope.

They come here looking for God.  But they never find Him. God is not made known in this place.  His Word is not revealed.  Jesus is not given his rightful place as prophet, priest and king.  It has been usurped (as so often is the case) by man.

After what I experienced that morning, being amongst God’s people singing God’s praises in the presence of God’s Spirit, I sensed a great temptation to cry out against the injustice of it all – to bring in a box full of Bibles and place them in the hands of everyone standing there and point to it – “Eesus cdest – Eesus cdest!” (Jesus is here, Jesus is here!). 

Normally photographs are not allowed.  But Ivan knows a man who works here and I am granted permission.  So I was able also to take video footage on my camera of all that was going on.  I will be able to show that in our church when I return home.

May more Gospel-teaching churches be planted in this city, to save people from such despair.

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