A run along the river Moskva

Moskva River

Moskva River

After being cooked all night for the second time running (the hotel room wasn’t that different in temperature to the train!) I needed to get out for some fresh air.  Great excuse for another run.  But where to?  Google maps again comes in handy; I find a road close to the hotel which takes me to the river.  Goodness – there where a lot of  people out walking that early in the morning!  The pavements were again bustling with people getting on and off trams and buses that connect them to the Metro.  It would be great training if you were a League player (sidestepping quickly every 3 steps), but not so hot for medium/long distance runners like me.  It was good to finally find a side-street (called pere-oolook in Russian) and get out of there way.

I found this footpath alongside the river Moskva (the largest river in the Moscow region).  It was great to have some open road.  Soon I settled into a good rhythm; my stride lengthened, my lungs filled and my pace quickened.

I watched the sun rise over the Moskva.  Another new day.  It was good once again to feel God’s pleasure.

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