He didn’t tell us where we were going, we just turned up here. “Where are we?” I asked Ivan. He turned to me, “Katyn” he said.

18km from Smolensk lies the Katyn wood, in which lies hidden secrets of mass murder. Around 10,000 people were shot here and buried in mass graves during Soviet repressions between 1930-1940. A further 4,500 Polish officers were executed here in 1940. Then the Nazi’s turned up and finished off a further 500 war prisoners.

Its an erie place. As you walk through the trees you can almost here their voices crying out from the ground.

Katyn is a symbol of the monstrous power of genocide. It is also evidence of the great lengths the sinful human heart will go in order to dominate and crush fellow human beings.  

And the tragic reality is it’s still going on.


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