Drugs, Jesus and Eugene

Bold, big-hearted, compassionate and zealous. That’s how I would describe Eugene; he’s one of those larger-than-life kind of guys that draws hurting and needy people like a magnet around him. I took an immediate liking to him and saw how he was a perfect fit for a leader in a drug rehabilitation centre.

On Sunday afternoon we drove to one of the rehab centre’s he heads up. On the way we picked up a new case. The van door slid open and in climbed Misha, eyes sunken and looking like death. The odor in the van quickly went pungent. This guy needed help.

We arrived at what looked like a small shack in a village outside of Krasnoyarsk. Rent is cheaper there. Inside it was simple and rough,but tidy. 4 guys were inside, 3 in rehab and 1 leader (Sasha); an ex-addict who lives there full time. Bible Scriptures were pasted all over the walls. And there was an interesting mural picturing hell on one side and a life of freedom on the other.

Eugene, a former addict himself, oversees 9 such centres in and around the Krasnoyarsk area (one of them is 600 km away). He’s been in the game for over 13 years now and behind him lies a trail of transformed lives; ex-alcoholics and drug addicts set free by the power of the gospel. SGA NZ has been supporting him since the work began. Its been great to see the fruit of his labour.

Pray for Misha (seated on right above). He will be in their two months, drying off. Pray that he will find the truth that can set him free, and the fountain of living water that surpasses any substance here on earth.

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