Paulina’s story

An interview with one of the workers in the children’s ministry in Krasnoyarsk:

My parents divorced not long after I was born. I lived with my mother but then she started drinking. It got so bad I could no longer live with her. So I started living on the street. I couldn’t go to school because I had no suitable clothes. I worked small jobs to get food. Then at age 15 a wealthy family took me in for two years. They were not believers, but at least I was being educated. When I was 18 I went to a Technical Institute and I met a girl who was a Christian. I was very rude to her. Yet she continued to be kind to me. I did not understand why. I started to be interested in Christianity. This girl invited me to church. When I heard the gospel I was at first angry with this girl, that she had not told me about this earlier.

Then one night in my room I decided I wanted to repent and my trust in Christ, so I did. There was a terrible storm outside. I had always been afraid of storms, so I prayed, “God if you are real, please take away my fear of storms.” Suddenly the thunder quieted. The lightning stopped. The fear was gone. For me, God is now my father. He has become the parents I never had.

Paulina became a volunteer in the orphanages for 2 years. “I wanted to help them, because I could identify with then.” She then went to Bible College in the Ukraine for a further 4 years. Now she is a full time worker under Oleg and is supported by SGA NZ. She works with orphan graduates and helps them get established in life.

Pauline is another trophy of God’s grace. Jesus takes broken lives and makes them whole. Praise God for his glorious grace.

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