Vadim & Elona

Our last stop in Krasnoyarsk was a meal with Vadim & Elona. They are part of the children’s ministry team who do regular trips to the orphanges. Three years ago they adopted a 6 year old girl from the orphanage we visited on Friday. Then they adopted her younger sister. They already have 2 of their own, so that makes 4. I asked how that all went, knowing that these kids can have behavioral problems and not all cases turn out well. Theirs did. They have a wonderful family, and are a great testimony to Gods love for orphans and the homeless.

This is Vadim. You would have seen his picture in my post “Orphans in Krasnoyarsk.” He’s a neat guy, big-hearted and zealous for the Lord. Elona, his wife is the same. They are both very loving and affectionate – I often saw them touching and holding hands.

There’s something else I learned about them: they are very resourceful.

They grow a lot of their own vegetables, make their own bread and have a big rack of preserves in their basement under the house. Vadim showed us their stocks; it was like stepping back in time.

Life is so much more simpler here in Siberia – more than the West for sure, but even more than Moscow and Smolensk. In many ways I envy them.

Lunch was served and what a feast it was! Borsch, home made bread (I love it black), fresh pickles and tomatoes, followed by peroshki– a delicious bun filled with a sweetened vegetable filling (pictured on the right.)

There couldn’t be a better way to end our trip; it had all the ingredients of our last two weeks of travel – great hospitality and food, warm-hearted people and many stories of God’s saving grace and goodness.

Lord willing, I will be back.

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