A letter to Margaret


Margaret Harwood Webber
7th October 1920 ~ 3rd October 2013

Dear Margaret,

It was a privilege to see you off yesterday.  Well, it was not really you, it was just your ‘tent’ as the Bible puts it.  You were not there, you were with the One you loved and sang to and talked to for the most part of your life.  Especially in your garden.   Oh yes, how you loved your garden.  I remember you telling me how you would go and sit on your garden seat, imagining Jesus sitting there with you, looking at all the colour and beauty of God’s creation.  And you knew He REALLY was there with you.

You wouldn’t believe what people said about you yesterday.  I know you would have blushed and waved your hand like like you often did with me – “Oh stop it” you would say.  But your life really had impact on people.  Your love and care for others – it was so very obvious.  I would come and visit you when you were in pretty bad shape and what did you want to talk about?  Not your problems; not your pain, but how I and my family were doing.  You were such a caring soul.

You see Margaret, you were having a impact on others while you didn’t even know it. Why?  Because you walked so closely with God.  Where ever you went, Jesus was there with you.  And we saw it. We knew it.  What an example you were to all of us.

My guess is (and I think it’s a pretty good guess), you got a reception in heaven greater than you imagined.  I can almost see the surprise on your face, when Jesus extended his hand to you, and said, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master” (Matt. 25:23).

Thank you for being such a wonderful example for all of us.


One thought on “A letter to Margaret

  1. Thank you Peter for your kind words to Mum. She would have loved that. She was indeed a real inspiration to many, especially me. A very special lady. Thank you too for leading such a wonderful service for her.


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