Russian Day in Howick


Russian food, music, song and dance alone with traditional costumes – all the ingredients to make for a great morning out at Howick Village today for the annual Russian Day.

This time there were some faces I recognized, as I have been building relationship with the local Russian Christians.  They all welcomed me with big smiles and wanted to know how my trip to Russia went.


It seemed to be the food table that most of the locals were interested in, and for good reason.  Blinchiki (thin crepes), peroshki with tasty cabbage filling (peroshki s kapoostoi) – they were all selling like hot cakes (literally!).  There were some other tasty morsels I hadn’t tried before also. I had a good selection boxed up to take home for my family.


It was time for another coffee before I made my way over to the music and dancing.  I thought if I was holding a coffee cup I would be less likely to be accosted into the dance ring like last year! Others were less fortunate and I smiled as I saw a few passerby’s get roped in.


It was great also to catch up with Isaac and Kelly.  Isaac is taking first year Russian at Auckland Uni (the same course I took last year).  He and his wife Kelly have a great interest in ministering in Russia one day.  I am hoping they will be able to join me on a trip sometime soon.

These Russian locals really are a great bunch of people.  They are friendly and welcoming and seem to fit so well into New Zealand life and culture.  In addition, all the proceeds for the day went toward fund raising for a Christian School in Khabarovsk region in Far East Russia.  Great job team! ???????????????????????????????

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