Russian Festivity at HBC

IMG_1046Sorry to do this again, but I just HAVE to post something about our Russian Day at our home church.  I was scheduled to give a report to our congregation on my recent trip to Russia.  My friends Isaac (in the blue to my left) and Kelly decided to get in involved and make it a kind of Russian-featured morning.  So we did – complete with traditional costumed and some samples of Russian cuisine.  Our Russian friends in the area lent a hand and did some baking for us, which was really cool of them.


Look at this picture – isn’t it a beauty?  This is Matthias, Isaac and Kelly’s little boy who is eyeing up the food.  My daughter Katherine snapped this.  She should get into photography.

It was a great morning, except I think I went a little too long, and had too much content. “People are interested in stories about people – they like the detail” my wife commented later.  She was right.  I wish I had her preview my slides.  Oh well, chalk it up for experience.  Lessons to be learned.


When I shared about the work in the orphanges, I knew our people were engaging.  I had Francelle come and read Paulina’s testimony.  Paulina is a wonderful example of God’s grace at work in the life of an orphan (see her story in an earlier post).  That went well; I wished I had come up with more things like that.

Richard and Linda Hemmingsen also turned up for the morning, and set up a table with info about SGA NZ (Richard is the NZ Director). IMG_1050There was a lot of interest and a few signed up for our monthly newsletter.  He’s a good bloke is our Richard, coming all this way and not even been given the opportunity to speak.

It’s an interesting role being a pastor as well as a member of a mission organization.  I wondered at first how the whole thing was going to work out (and so did our elders!).  But the Lord is making it work out.  To be honest, I think it enhances my role at HBC, and I think our congregation is the better for it.


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