A great post for men

It’s not often you come across posts like this, which is why I have decided to attach it here.  As I read this, I thought of my two sons (20 and 18 years) who are tying to find their way in the world as young men. They need Christlike models of what true manhood is all about.  And this article has prompted to me pursue it myself even more aggressively.


By Greg Gibson

Yet another resolution post?  Not at all.  This is a plea—an urgent call, of sorts—to my fellow brothers to chase something this year that is much more substantial than a gym membership, self-help technique, hobby, or hygiene etiquette—I seriously resolve to floss more every-single-year.

Furthermore, this is not a how-to-post or a 7-things-to-do-post to procure a more mature manhood.  This is simply a bare-bones, man-up plea to pursue Jesus with a furious, war-like training that is equal to a fighter training to step into the Octagon or a warrior training to sprint into war.  The vocation of mature manhood is a training regiment—a way of life (keep reading here…)

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