WP_20140116_022Three years ago some friends of ours invited us over to see their new litter of Jack Russell puppies.  We had no other intention than giving our girls the opportunity to see and behold the wonder of new life.  They really were cute and adorable.  Lisa (our friend) said to me, “Here, why don’t you hold one?”  She passed me a particularly cute little girl puppy (I won’t use the farm term), just like the one you see peeping out of the basket in the photo. I held her in my lap, and remembered…

I admit, I am a dog lover. scan0008When I was 9 years old, my parents gave me my first dog. He was a black Labrador. I named him “Mr. Chips.” Eventually he became “Chip” for short.   Here’s a picture of him (I think the dog is reluctant for a photo opp). My dad was a dairy farmer and knew how to train dogs.  He taught me all the rudiments like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘speak-up’ and most importantly – ‘NO.’

Then came Toke Toke and me(I didn’t choose the name, so no comments please). She was a stray.  She followed my sister home after school and she gave her some food.  Well that was the end of that!  As they warn, never feed a stray. She became our dog and after my sister got tired of looking after her I took over. So ‘Toke’ became my dog. We had some great years.

So I was use to big dogs. I always thought little dogs were for wimps.  But just holding this little puppy – I was smitten. So we brought her home.  The kids were ecstatic. Francelle was wary.

DSCF7712“What have you done now?”
“I just couldn’t help it – she’s so cute. You have to admit.”
“Where are we going to put her?”
“Inside… I mean outside… I mean outside-in”

And that was it.  We name her ‘Pippa’.  She is the family’s pride and joy. The first few months of training were a real trial. I wondered if there could be a more disobedient species on earth. But she eventually came right (like kids when they grow up). Boy, she has character. We don’t know what we would ever do if we lost her.

So back to these puppies.  What do they have to do with the story?WP_20140116_016 Well they are Pippa’s brothers and sisters.  Yes, Pippa’s mum had more babies. And they were just as adorable as Pippa was when I first held her.  The whole family got in on the act – even Mark, when he came home from work. It was a neat time together.

WP_20140116_012“Are you sure you don’t want to hold one?” Lisa asked me.
“Oh, I’m sure” I replied.

I remember what happened last time.
I wouldn’t dare.
I think I’ve learned my lesson.

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