Heavenly Coffee

I thought at first the whole thing sounded silly.  Surely there are more important things to be concerned about with regard to Heaven, I thought.  Then I read a little further and it all started to make more sense.

coffee-new-earthI’m still working on my series at our church on the topic of Heaven.  One of my sources is Randy Alcorn’s book simply entitled Heaven.  In the section on Eating and Drinking in Heaven he raised this matter of drinking coffee, not because he is an avid coffee lover but because he wants to test whether or not we have been influenced by Christoplatonism.

You’re thinking, “Christo – what?” (My sentiment exactly!)  It’s a word he made up – but for good reason.  It means the philosophy of Plato Christianized.  Plato taught that everything in the physical, material world is evil and only the invisible, spiritual world is good.  The early Church Fathers, who were influenced by Greek philosophy started reading this into the Bible, with disastrous effects. Marriage was base, sex was sinful- even eating and drinking were necessary ‘evils.’  We find the Apostle Paul correcting this heresy in 1 Timothy 4:2-4; “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer.”

That includes coffee.  Now have a read of what Randy says on the subject of coffee in heaven:

“Given these biblical perspectives—and realizing that caffeine addiction or anything else that’s unhealthy simply won’t exist on the New Earth—can you think of any persuasive reason why coffee trees and coffee drinking wouldn’t be part of the resurrected Earth?

Will the New Earth have fewer resources for human enjoyment than Eden did or than the world under the Curse offers? If you’re tempted to say, “But in Heaven our minds will be on spiritual things, not coffee,” your Christoplatonism detector should go off. It’s fine if you don’t like coffee, but to suggest that coffee is inherently unspiritual is . . . well, heresy. It directly contradicts the Scriptures just cited. God made the physical and spiritual realms not to oppose each other but to be united in bringing glory to him.

On the New Earth, we will “drink . . . from the spring of the water of life” (Revelation 21:6). God will prepare for us “a banquet of aged wine . . . the finest of wines” (Isaiah 25:6). Not only will we drink water and wine, we’ll eat from fruit trees (Revelation 22:2), and there’s every reason to believe we’ll drink juice made from the twelve fruits from the tree of life. So, along with drinking water, wine, and fruit juice, is there any reason to suppose we wouldn’t drink coffee or tea? Can you imagine drinking coffee or tea with Jesus on the New Earth? If you can’t, why not?”

Well he got me at that point.  If it’s unspiritual to drink coffee on the New Earth then it’s unspiritual to drink on this earth.  Of course if you are addicted to the stuff and you can’t function unless you’ve consumed at least 7 cups a day, or it gives you migraines and keeps you awake all night the answer is simple: don’t drink it!  But, on the other hand, if you experience great pleasure (as I do) holding that first cup of the day in your hands and smelling that delicious aroma wafting into your nostrils, you should apply 1 Tim 4:4 and give thanks God  for creating coffee beans.  And you can look forward to an even better bean in Heaven.

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