A Good Friday Meditation

Good Friday

Every year when Good Friday approaches I cannot help but think of the Saviour and the terrible anguish he endured upon that cross for my sins.  Abandoned, forsaken, and crushed – for me.  In his book The Incomparable Christ, J Oswald Sanders has a section on the 7 Last Words of Christ.  In the chapter “The Word of Agony” he quotes an anonymous poem that beautifuly depicts Christ’s terrible suffering and the soul-satisfying life that is now available to all who believe.

I thirst! I thirst! the Saviour cried
With burning lips before He died;
A cooling draught He asked of those
Who mocking looked upon His throes.

Angelic hosts from heaven’s height
In sorrow gaze upon the sight;
But yet the sky no water drips
To cool the Saviour’s parched lips.

A thousand fountains flowed that day,
A river flowed not far away;
But not one cup by friend or foe
Was brought to mitigate His woe.

He suffered thirst on Calvary’s hill
That He our thirsty hearts might fill,
To open wide a fount of grace
For all who seek the Saviour’s face.

“O come!” we hear the Saviour call—
The invitation is for all:
“Ho, all ye souls athirst, come ye,
And drink the living water free.”


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