For Dads

barbershopI love going to watch my kids perform.  What proud parent wouldn’t?  On Friday I went to see my two daughters compete at the regionals for secondary school Barbershop choir.  Wow, did those girls sing well.  The crowd went mad!

I’m now realizing with the passing of time that I only have a small window of opportunity left for this.  My two sons have already left school, my eldest daughter has only one year left which leaves the youngest, and she’ll be also gone before I know it.  Then the house will be empty and there’ll be no more school productions, no prize-givings, no sports events and no excited teenagers coming up to me and saying, “Dad, do you want to come and see me sing?”

Of course there are a hundred-and-one excuses I could come up with not to go –

“Sorry honey, I’d love to, but I have a really busy day that day”
“You know what – that clashes with something in my schedule, how about next time?”
“I’d love to but…”

Your kids will only take so many of those.  Like I’ve said to other dads – your relationship with your kids (or your wife) is like a bank.  You put things in and you take things out.  If you stop putting deposits in sooner or later there’s nothing to draw from.  I’ve found that to be so true in life.  When I work on getting to these events regularly, there’s absolutely no problem on the day I have to say, “Sorry honey, it’s just not going to work this time.”  They simply smile and say, “That’s OK dad, not a worry.”

Think about it dads, how hard is it to pitch to one of your kids events – I mean really?  What is it going to cost you?  A couple of hours out of your day?  So it’s a work day, and you don’t have the liberty to take time off work.  I understand that.  But every once in a while ask your boss if you can go see your son or daughter perform – tell him you’ll make up for the time.  I bet he won’t say no.  That kid will never forget it.

When my two daughters rolled up on stage on Friday  and saw me sitting there on the front row, they caught my eye and beamed.   I melted in my seat.  I wouldn’t miss that experience for the world.

So go on dads – turn up to something for your kids and make their day.

BTW: Macleans College Macapella won the day are through to the Nationals in Wellington in August.  But that might be a little too far to drive…


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