The Don Carson look-alike

carson 2Last weekend our church hosted the STAND for the Gospel conference and Don Carson was our main speaker.  It was wonderful being under his teaching (live, not on MP3) and enjoying his company for lunch.  Well obviously the whole experience was still very fresh in my mind because when I got up to preach this morning a familiar looking face caught my eye in the back row.  This guy looked just like Don Carson.  Isn’t that amazing?  I wonder who he is, I thought to myself.  Imagine if it really was him – having to preach while he’s here, New Testament scholar and eminent New Theologian in all (GULP!).

So I waxed eloquently (a preaching term) from the book of Judges, enjoying myself very much and then someone came up to me afterwards and said, “Guess – what, Don Carson was here this morning in our congregation.  He had a couple of days left before flying out and decided to drop in.”  I suddenly went cold and froze like a dead man.

If there is humour in heaven (and I’m certain there is), God would be smiling and the angels would be in hysterics.  Yep, the joke was certainly on me.




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