Fearfully and wonderfully made

I can touch the moonI always thought the human body was an amazing work of creation.  I just don’t stop long enough to think about it. And neither probably do you. We are so amazed and dazzled by so many other things in life (like the newest iPhone or electric car) we can’t even see what is staring at us in the mirror in the morning – a beautiful work of design and engineering specially crafted and put together by a Divine Creator.

Today I came across an article written by Jerry Bergman, a world renown writer and researcher who has a PhD in biomedical science.  I took some excerpts from that I thought were well worth reading:

“Mankind has been fascinated with the form and function of the human body from the very beginning. For beauty and sheer simplicity of line, it is unmatched. As a machine, the human body is the pinnacle of God’s work, formed on the sixth and last day of creation, after which God declared, it is very good.”

Chemically, the body is unequalled for complexity. Each one of its 30 trillion cells is a mini-chemical factory which performs about 10,000 chemical functions. And every cell has 1012 (one trillion) bits of data —equal to every letter in ten million books! Each one also replaces itself every seven years. Each one is independent, yet cooperates with many millions of other cells.

Even though there are over four billion people alive today, each body is exorbitantly expensive (and about 50 billion humans have been born since Adam). If its chemical elements were bought on the open market, a medium-sized human body would cost at least six million dollars.

The body’s billions of parts all work together as a team—its 206 bones provide the framework and its 639 muscles enable it to move with incredible split-second timing. Its skill to balance is such that we can perform feats of acrobatics and yet have such strength that official human weight-lifting feats abound.

Our body is controlled and coordinated by over 16 billion neurons and 120 trillion “connection boxes” packed together into an unfathomably complex set of neuro-passways. The system is much like a modern nation, inter-connected by billions of telephone wires. All of this in a brain and spinal column that weighs slightly over three pounds! In comparison, a bee has only about 900 nerve cells, an ant only 250. In the large gauge fibers, nerve impulses flash along at 300 miles per hour. All told, the human brain and nervous system is the most complex arrangement of matter anywhere in the universe.

The normal human voice can be heard from as far away as 200 yards although with practice, power, quality and volume have enabled it to be carried for as far as six miles.

Words are formed by the vocal cords producing a wide range of sounds which, in turn, are modified by the tongue, teeth, lips and movement of the cheeks. The English language contains well over a million words, although the average person knows only about 50,000. The voice system, although able to produce hundreds of billions of unique and different words, speaks a total of only 4,800 daily. The body too, conveys information much as words do. With the eyes, lips, and movements of the face muscles, over 4,000 different messages, all which can be silently communicated by our face, have been catalogued. Fear, anger, happiness, and concern are just a few of these messages that we convey to each other many times every day.

The human ear with its 24,000 “hair cells” which convert vibrations to electrical impulses, is capable of hearing sounds of astonishing low level acoustic energy. Under favorable conditions a normal person may actually perceive sound waves with the power of only 10-16 (1/10,000,000, 000,000,000) of a watt. This is so little energy that, if our ears were slightly more sensitive, we could actually hear the noise of the collision of molecules in the air.

Looking at the eye, we find that the amount of radiation (light energy) necessary to stimulate the human optic nerve is so small that if the mechanical energy required to lift a single pea one inch up in air was converted into light energy, it would provide enough stimulus to activate the optic nerve!

To convey information about temperature and other body conditions to the brain, the skin alone has about four million structures which are sensitive to pain. In addition it has about one-half million sensitive to touch and 200 thousand to temperature. These “report stations” keep the brain attuned to conditions all over the body. It is an elaborate “spy” central intelligence network without parallel in the man-made world.

Some people say that all of this “just happened” through mistakes in reproduction (mutations) and the very few beneficial ones were accumulated via “natural selection” and chance. Yet, the more we learn about the body, the more we realize that there is much more yet to be discovered. One could spend a lifetime studying a single organ or organ system (and many people do). Thus we have cardiologists, hematologists, urologists, protologists, gynecologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, ad infinitum. We are indeed, as the Psalm states, “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and God’s creation is worthy of praise. As Psalm 139:14 says “marvelous are Thy works!”[1]

[1] Bergman, J. 1984. Mankind—The Pinnacle of God’s Creation

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