A morning at the book fair

Book Fair

Books! Books!
Books everywhere
Oh how I love a trip to the local book fair

Photography, politics – there are books for all tastes
Better keep moving; better keep looking
There’s not a moment to waste!

Stories on the high seas – now there’s a book for me,
Or men in the trenches and on mountain adventures
What’s it going to be?

There’s a sign that says ‘Religion’ – perhaps I’ll find a bargain
But alas; no such luck
There’s nothing worthwhile here, except compost for my garden

Time to go, my wife says –
Surely not so soon
There are more tables in the next room

“Just a few minutes more”, I cry
As I head to history section
Learning about the past really does answer lots of questions

“Time’s up” she cries; I can see she wants to fly
What a pity, I think to myself
There’s more I want to buy

Books! Books!
Books everywhere
It’s always hard leaving the local book fair

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