It’s been 5 years in the making, but we are finally doing it.  We’re off to Europe.  Our sons have jested with us over the years – “Mum – Dad, you’re dreaming.  You’ve been talking about this for years.  But let’s be realistic, it’s not going to happen.”  Well, it’s happening.  With a fair amount of stubborness and determination, some hard saving, and avoidance of, “But shouldn’t we be using that money on other things?”, our little dream has come true.

For some people travelling is all about the destination.  “We’re going to Paris,”  “We’re going to Buckingham Palace,”  “We’re going to see the Taj Mahal.” For others, it’s all about the journey.  I would fall into the 2nd catagory.  I don’t really care about what I’m going to see (to a degree, I wouldn’t be all that fussed about Antartica).  For me it’s all about the journey – who I meet, who I talk to on the way, what I learn about history and culture and people.  And who I travel with.  And that what this little blog is all about.

It’s actually possible to live with people every day and not really get to know them – even your own family members.  I think this is less likely to happen with your spouse, as long as you’re marriage is half-decent.  But it certainly can happen with your kids.  Busy routines and overtiredness keep you from interacting with the very people you love the most (perhaps busy dads are more susceptable to this!).  Get on a seat on a plane beside them and you’ll soon find out how close you are to those individuals by what you have to talk about… or don’t talk about.

I’ve relished the time I’ve had with my two daughters, especially my eldest Katherine who has been separated from us over the past 3 months due to a relocation.  We get a whole 3 weeks together – marvellous!  When my wife and I first planned the trip we didn’t have them in the equation.  It was due to her persistance that we bought them along.  And now I’m so glad.  I love their silliness and their seriousness; their laughter and their frowns.  I love it when they are happy as well as when they are cranky, when they are joyfull as well as when they are annoyed.

Watching them on the train – laughing and having fun together, completely oblivious to the stares and frowns of the passengers surrounding them, who find it quite strange (and by some of their looks – annoying) that their quiet and uneventful travel would be disrupted by such a disturbing display of what is nothing more than harmless tomfoolery. A pity I thought, that they fail to understand this is all part of making life enjoyable and meaningful.  God has created us to interact; to share life and hopes and dreams and memories – together. Dullness of life must be another rotten ploy of the enemy, along with lethargy and apathy.  I am quite certain heaven will be a place of exceeding pleasure and joy, not just with Jesus but each other.  The (new) earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord, and heavenly laughter. 

And we’ll all just love it.  Together.


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