The Olympics and the Grandeur of God

Rio opening ceremonyI was about to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games this morning. And then I read a post by David Matthis called Watch for God at the Olympic GamesIt changed the way I was about to view things – completely. Here’s a portion for your tasting:

The Olympiad captivates us with its bigness. It can appear larger than life, with a kind of transcendence that taps into a profound longing in the human soul.

On display are the world’s best athletes, and most impressive humans, from most of the globe’s geopolitical nations. The world’s eye rarely fixes on a single object like this, apart from war and terrible disasters. From our limited vantage, few things seem to bring out humanity’s oneness, and feel as globally significant in such a positive way, as the Olympics.

But as great as the Games are, Christians know we have something infinitely greater — Someone infinitely greater. The grandeur of the Games points us to an even greater grandeur. The taste of transcendence helps us recognize a personal Bigness and Magnitude that doesn’t come and go for a couple weeks every couple years, but remains for our everlasting enjoyment — together with people from every tribe and tongue and nation.

As big as the Olympics feel, as momentous as the gold-medal run may seem at the time, make the effort to pan out with the camera of your mind’s eye to the aerial view. See the smallness of the arena compared to the city of Rio, then dwarfed by all of Brazil and South America, and only a speck compared to the globe. Then consider the smallness of our little terrestrial ball — infinitely tiny — against the massiveness of the universe, and that relativized by the grandeur and value of God.

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