Trading the Police badge for a bible

This is Sean, our new Youth Pastor.  He’s been part of our church family here at Grace for a number of years and has just recently made the decision to hand in his Police uniform for  a career in full-time Christian ministry.  This is no mid-life crises.  This is God’s calling.  It’s a bold and courageous move and one that his wife Kiri, was willing to make with him.  We take our hats off to both of them.


The Tasman Leader (the local ‘rag’ here in Richmond) caught up with it and published a story on him.  I’ve taken a snapshot of it so you know what to look for.  Simply click the link below and go to page 4 and then use the magnifying tool on the side bar to make for easier reading.  It’s well worth a read.

Sean completed a one-year certificate in bible at the Shepherd’s Bible College here in New Zealand but realized he needed further equipping for the rigours and challenges of full-time pastoral ministry.  So he is studying through an on-line course with a Seminary in the United States.  It will take him at least 3 years.  He will also work under me in a mentorship so I can help equip him on the practical ministry side.  The elders of Grace Church are fully behind this.  We get to keep Sean and Kiri, Sean gets the benefit of training on the job, and the youth and congregation at Grace get to see what God does with a man and woman fully surrendered to Him.

I think it’s going to be a great 3 years for us all.



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